Aiden Gonzalez

MS Computer Engineering, Purdue University

Hey there!

I am a full-time software engineer with a passion for building impactful solutions to real-world issues

Image of Aiden Gonzalez standing amongst NYC skyscrapers

I have skills and experience in a wide variety of modern languages and frameworks

Below you will find some of my personal, professional, and academic projects!


Small business accounting app


Social media sharing tool


Angular web application with firebase database

OpenAir Assistant

Full Stack Slack App MVP


Workout tracking platform

Package Registry

Python FastAPI package registry

Payroll Allocation

End-to-end automated payroll allocation system


KNN-powered OCR using OpenCV

Regex Comprehension

An experimental tool for studying regex comprehension methods

AHB Convolver

Verilog AHB convolver prototype

YOLO Object Detection

PyTorch implementation of you-only-look-once object detection

CI/CD Pipeline

Template CI/CD Pipeline for Kotlin API Development


Bluetooth-connected Arduino LED strip controller

Microcontroller Pong

Pong-style playable microcontroller game


Robotic Mars rover prototype

VR Learning

Virtual reality learning experiment